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Hebei Landcel Cellulose Tech. Co.,Ltd, is a manufacturer of non-ionic cellulose ethers and re-dispersible polymer powder(RDP) on supplying comprehensive product solutions to the global construction industry , painting & coating industry, detergent industry, etc. It is one of the largest cellulose ether factories with professional R&D and application technical service team, with which Landcel could customize our HPMC to meet different customers’request.
The factory is located in Shenze county, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, China. At the beginning of 2018, for adopting the requirements of market , we invested 20 millions USD on the phase-Ⅲ production line. In 2021, the yearly output reaches 40,000 metric tons.To supply our best products and services to the global clients, we established a new test laboratory and application research laboratory in the end of 2018.
Landcel has successfully passed ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, and made REACH registration in 2021.
Landcel always abide by “Quality first, Customer first” to develop sustainable and win-win relationships with our clients and benefit our partners with long terms.


Our RDP production plant, with first-class production facilities, is fully automated and monitored.There are special application development laboratories to meet the needs of different customers.There is a professional packaging and transportation team to ensure timely delivery.

Factory Strength Showcase

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder factory

Factory Entrance
The factory of Hebei Landcel Cellulose Tech Co., Ltd. is located in the biological park of Shenze County.An industrial gathering area in Hebei.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder factory

Production Plant
Ow the company has an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of non-ionic fiber ether production line.The production process to achieve automation.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Laboratory

R&D Lab
We have a testing laboratory and an application research laboratory. Advanced R&D equipment, professional R&D staff, can be tailored to your needs.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Workshops

Production Workshop
Fully automatic production, and a perfect inspection process, product quality is stable and reliable.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Monitoring room

Monitoring Room
Full monitoring of the production process with a view to achieving zero product errors.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder transport

Packing Cart
Professional product packing to ensure the integrity of the goods and one-stop delivery

Factory Photos Gallery


Re-dispersible Polymer Powder(VAE) is a water-soluble redispersible emulsion powder. It is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It uses polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. With the addition of dispersible emulsion powder, the properties of cement or gypsum based mortars can meet a wide range of construction needs.

For its stronger adhesion and mechanical properties, it is used in thermal insulation bonding, tile bonding, caulking, etc.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder uses

The addition of emulsion powder increases the elongation of the mortar thus improving the impact toughness of the mortar and also gives the mortar a good stress dispersion effect. This is why plastering mortars are used for thermal insulation plastering, coloured decorative mortars, internal and external wall priming plastering etc.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder applications

The addition of emulsion powder reduces the modulus of elasticity of the mortar, improves the deformation capacity and reduces the cracking phenomenon, hence the application classification of ordinary masonry mortar, insulation masonry mortar, etc.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder uses

The addition of emulsion powder improves the bond between the base material and the hydration products of the cement, thus increasing the abrasion resistance. The applications of flooring mortars are therefore coloured flooring mortars, waterproof and wear-resistant mortars, self-levelling mortars, etc.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder applications

The addition of emulsion powder gives the mortar excellent alkali resistance. Special mortars are therefore used as interface agents, repair agents etc.

Re-dispersible Polymer Powder uses


Landcel has a professional R&D and sales team. Experienced sales managers and customer service staff. To provide you with professionally tailored Re-dispersible Polymer Powder.We has authoritative and certified production qualifications.

  • Re-dispersible Polymer Powder company
  • Re-dispersible Polymer Powder team
  • Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Authorisation
  • Re-dispersible Polymer Powder Authorisation

Our Team & Production, Professional!

  • Accreditation by authoritative bodies.

  • Made-in-China audited supplier.

  • Precise business training.

  • Fluent in foreign languages.

  • Attentive pre-sales and after-sales service.

  • Always with the same intention to bring you rewards.

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Over the years, we have worked with customers all over the world, bringing them much profit and a long-lasting cooperation.


If you have any questions about RDP, any needs, please contact Landcel.

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